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It’s that time again…

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If there is a catch­word that sums up 2015, it must be trans­pa­rency. Whe­ther it is in refe­rence to Hil­lary Clinton’s emails: „I am trying to be as trans­pa­rent as I pos­sibly can.“ Or the fact that smart­phones and social media have given us a direct view of what it’s like to be a black person in this country dealing with law enforce­ment offi­cials, we are living in an age where form­erly locked doors are being thrown open.
Let’s take the gender wage gap. It’s widely known that women get paid less than men over the course of their careers; 22 cents less per hour, to be exact. Women are paid even less than that in cer­tain states, and signi­fi­cantly less if you are a woman of color: His­panic women make 54 per­cent of white men’s sala­ries, black women 64 percent.

The fact that we know this, however, hasn’t resulted in much change: the wage gap has remained the same for more than a decade, and the Equal Pay Act hasn’t been updated in more than 50 years. (Efforts to amend the act are per­pe­tually stalled in Congress.)

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